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Your cigarette-smoking coworker costs $5800 extra a year

Escambia doctor recommended to head DCHD

FSCJ becomes tobacco and smoke-free

UNF considers smoking ban on campus

2012 Articles

9/25/2012 Duval health chief abruptly retires in wake of TB outbreak response

9/2/2012 E-cigarettes cause damage to lungs, study finds

6/20/2012 Daytona grandstands now smoke-free

Vietnam law bans smoking in public

Anti-smoking ads getting results link to video

2011 Articles

5/6/2011 Hooked on hookah: the same as smoking 100 cigarettes?

5/4/2011 Smoking in public: Bans are spreading

4/29/2011 Jacksonville jury awards $40 million to widower of deceased smoker

4/15/2011 Menthol, science, policy, and advocacy webinar, May 5

3/25/2011 State tobacco program updates from Florida legislative

3/24/2011 Florida legislators to suggest cuts to state tobacco prevention program

1/26/2011 Florida's F Grade: Saving Breath and Bucks

1/20/2011 Florida state tobacco control efforts graded

1/10/2011 FIU bans smoking on campus and in cars

1/6/2011 SWAT visits City Hall

1/3/2011 30 cities with the worst smoking problems

2010 Articles

SWAT students study City Council rules

R.J. Reynolds pull Sticks, others from test markets

Smoking stops declining and shows signs of increasing among younger teens

99% of kids live in apartments maybe exposed to secondhand smoke

WHO: Secondhand smoke kills 600,000 a year

World health officials debate new tobacco controls

Joe Camel — a hipster? R.J. Reynolds markets its smokes to Williamsburg

R.J. Reynolds Uses Names and Images of Cool U.S. Cities To Market Camel Cigarettes to Kids

Camel smokes out Brooklyn locale

FDA proposes graphic cigarette warning labels

Duval County SWAT student elected to statewide Youth Advocacy Board

Tobacco floats new products but relies on pricing

Study of exposure to retail cigarette advertising and smoking initiation

Attorney General squashes electronic cigarettes in Oregon

New types of smokeless tobacco present growing risks for youth

Menthol: mystery ingredient in cigarettes enters the spotlight

Pipe Dreams: Hookah smoking is cool, but is it safe?

University of Florida enforces new tobacco-free campus policy

Kids pay price for their parents' smoking

Clay County flavored tobacco and nicotine resolution passed

Smokefree laws protect kids from exposure

Ads and packaging for smokeless tobacco products now carry larger warning labels

Tobacco giants Reynolds, Philip Morris & Lorillard claim graphic NYC smoking posters go too far

1 in 4 young adults has used a hookah

CDC: Policy to create tobacco-free, multi-unit dwellings

Australia to ban logos on cigarette packages Watch video

FDA urged to halt sales of dissolvable tobacco products

Tobacco sponsor pulled from Kelly Clarkson concert

Tobacco 'mints' tied to poisoning in kids

Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act signed

FDA issues final rule restricting access and marketing of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products to youth

Cigarette company sues over display ban

Where there's no smoke

Obama in great health, struggles to quit smoking

FDA blessing sought for 'modified risk' tobacco product

Company Asks FDA to Say New Items Cut Tobacco Risk; Star Scientific wants FDA approval to sell its dissolvable lozenges as 'modified risk' tobacco

Tobacco Companies Change Cigarette Packaging -- Barely -- to Comply with Law

Cigars, pipes no 'healthy' alternative to cigarettes

Local news reporter remembers father who died from lung cancer

Third-hand smoke also bad for you: study

FDA concerned dissolvable tobacco appeals to kids

FDA seeks to overturn e-cigarettes ruling

FDA Orders Tobacco Companies to Disclose Cigarette Ingredients

Movies: Where there's smoking, there's ire

WSJ: Financial benefits to quit smoking

Federal court rules FDA cannot regulate e-cigarettes as drugs

Federal court rules FDA cannot regulate e-cigarettes as drugs or medical devices

Southwest Florida International Airport oks outdoor smoking limits

No smoking: Hospitals in Lee, Collier go totally smokeless

2009 Articles

Smokers' cars loaded with nicotine

Florida colleges restrict on-campus smoking

Teens think smoking more dangerous than drinking, drugs

SWAT recieves a fresh look

WHO Report: Implementing smoke-free environments

Setting down their cigarettes, teenagers take up the hookah

Smoke-free cars save children Watch video

Smoke, lead, and ADHD | Listen to MP3 of this report

Rich or poor, nonsmokers are happier

On Smokeout day, U.S. cities with the most and least smokers

CDC: U.S. Smoking rates steady, but smoke-free laws effective

Proposal would extend UF smoking ban to Greeks

Crackdown a drag for clove cigarette smokers

A Warning on Web Sales of Cigarettes

Smoking: Cessation programs can work

A New Cigarette Hazard: Third-Hand Smoke

Tobacco-Free Together to Launch November 1

Smoking bans cut heart attacks by 1/3 studies show

Flavors Banned From Cigarettes to Deter Youths

Nearly any lifetime smoking ups breast cancer risk

Hillsborough Sheriff's Office to eliminate all on-campus tobacco use

FDA acts to protect public health from e-cigarettes | In stores

Sister to Sister: Former smoker-led intervention program expanded by grant

Teen health threatened by binge drinking and smoking

Groups launch guide to help hospitals achieve smoke-free campus

Study suggests cigarette packaging impacts perception of health risk

Charlotte County's Edison State College goes tobacco free

Smoking children of smoking moms

Keep Jacksonville Beautiful - "Keep Your Butts to Yourself" Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

Smoking cessation saves lives, money

Team sports can't compete with films to keep kids from smoking

$1 a pack increase not spurring last-minute cigarette sales

Seminoles, Miccosukees charge state levy on cigarettes

Obama, citing his own smoking woes, signs tobacco law

Crist signs cigarette-tax hike, calls it a 'health issue'

Study links cigarette changes to rising lung risk

Smoke Signals: Why a Tobacco Giant Is Backing a Tough New Anti-smoking Bill

2008 Articles

Hospitals ban smoking on campus

Jacksonville hospitals clear the air with smoking ban

Research Articles and Essays

Nicotine and the Brain by Lynnette Kennison, MSN, MA, ARNP, University of Florida, College of Nursing