• Raise the Age, Florida!

    Join us in the effort to raise the tobacco sales age to 21 years old.


    Protects kids

    • Kids who use tobacco commonly get it from people between ages 18–20.
    • The brain is still developing during the late teens and early 20s, and the probability of nicotine addiction is especially high during this time.
    • Youth addicted to nicotine are 7 times more likely to have a drug use disorder.

    Proven to work

    • People who have not used tobacco by age 21 are unlikely to ever start.
    • Research shows that a sales age of 21 across the U.S. could result in:
      • 249,000fewer premature deaths
      • 286,000fewer pre-term births
      • 438,000fewer babies with low birth weight

    Pays off

    • Smoking-related illnesses hurt our health and our wealth. Hospital patients who smoke have longer stays and higher medical costs than non-smokers. 
    • A sales age of 21 across the U.S. would save society an estimated $212 billion dollars over a 50-year period.


    Popular across the USA

    • 75% of adults support raising the age to 21, including 70% of smokers.
    • Six states, Washington D.C., Guam and more than 360 U.S. cities have already raised the age to 21.

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